Our Research


Blindell, P. (2012) The Design, Teaching & Research Nexus, in Rodgers P (ed), Interiors Education Futures, Oxford, Libri (193-200)

Blindell, P. & Sykes, P. (2010) TMESIS: insertions and subversions of interstitial territories, in Lee G (ed) IDEA Journal, Queensland University of Technology, Australia (32-41)

Conference Presentations

[Sept 2012] Blindell, P. & Pigott, J ‘Near-synchronous design collaboration’, Cloud and Crowd, Designs on e-learning 2012, University of the Arts, London

[Mar 2012] Blindell, P. ‘Echopraxis: Gestural imitation through past, present and future resonances’, Reinventing Architecture & Interiors, IE International Conference, Ravensbourne

[Nov 2011] Blindell, P. & Pigott, J. ‘The Sketchbook Re-Positioned’, School Teaching and Learning Workshop University of Huddersfield

[Mar 2011] Blindell, P. ‘Practice Led Design, Teaching & Research’, Interior Educators Conference, Northumbria University

[Feb 2011] Blindell, P. & Pigott, J. ‘Digital Dialogues: The Hyper-Layered Sketchbook’, Recto-Verso, Redefining the Sketchbook, The University of Lincoln

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