Paul Bateman

bateman_P_1 bateman_P_2 bateman_P_3 bateman_P_6 bateman_P_5 bateman_P_4 bateman_P_3 bateman_P_8 bateman_P_7Title: Umbra (the shadow of our past revealed)

Location: Sheffield

The present social knowledge model focuses on applying current ideas to emerging technologies, often disregarding the knowledge of the past without seeing it as a fuel for potential future applications. This project explores ways to effectively pass and share these artifacts of knowledge through people re-thinking their social standing, moving from individualism (solitude) toward reciprocity. Utilising a workshop environment that pays respect to its traditions with the addition of tribal solidarity and diversity will be the base for this community to flourish, producing original design work and archiving artifact traditions before they’re lost.


The project presents an innovative collaborative workshop, run by expert craftsmen which encourages solidarity and reciprocity; bestowing dying industrial knowledge to the next generation with the intention of spreading adapted ideas back through the community, archiving expertise and retailing the products produced.


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