Emma Rawson


Title: Coffee_Office

Location: London

The aim of the project is to entice remote workers towards a coffee fuelled collaborative work experience and to build a community workspace to discover, create and sustain the social aspect of what coffee once was.

The theory behind Coffee Office is Information ground “places where people naturally share information in multiple directions (i.e. anyone can give and obtain information) both purposefully and serendipitously.” (Pettigrew, 1999, pg. 812). Serendipitously combining this with Coffee culture Zhang states “coffee culture describes a social atmosphere or series of associated social behaviours that depends heavily upon coffee, particularly as a social lubricant” (Zhang, 2006).

The combination of ‘information ground’ and ‘coffee culture’ in this theoretical exploration will purposefully create an honest, open, multi-function space in ways in which the consumer can interact spontaneously while serendipitously sharing information.



Pettigrew, K. (1999). Waiting for chiropody: contextual results from an ethnographic study of the information behaviour among attendees at community clinics. Information Processing & Management, 35(6)

Zhang, J. (2006). Retrieved from Nan, Z. (2014). Coffee Market in China: Trends & Consumer Strategies. PP.9. Retrieved from https://riunet.upv.es/bitstream/handle/10251/44210/Nan%20Zhang%20IIIIII.pdf

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