Naomi Robinson

robinson_N_1 robinson_N_2 robinson_N_3 Robinson_Naomi-145

Title: Urban Greenhouse: Plant it_Grow it_Eat it.

Location: London

Urban Greenhouse is a community greenhouse, bar, restaurant, cafe and take-away encouraging communities and individuals from all walks of life to come together to grow edible and useful plants for the wider and immediate urban communities. A space to support the sharing of knowledge, to build relationships and to re-empower the individuals choice of food, self-provision and sustenance.

The concept and theoretical drive to the programme explores urban foraging as a subversive and interstitial activity rejecting the norm, the popular and the dominant power of the city. As an alternative food space it exists interstitially (occurring between established spaces of the norm) and is subversive (going against) the norm of the dominant urban establishments.

The project exists ‘on the margins of spaces dedicated to ‘conventional’, ‘private’, authority-sanctioned, or ‘normal’ activities.

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